Introduction to Proverbs Chapter 9

In this chapter, Wisdom, or Christ, is represented as having built a stately house or palace for the entertainment of his guests, Proverbs 9:1; as having made large and suitable provisions for them, Proverbs 9:2; and as having sent his servants to invite them to come and partake of them, and quit all other company but his, Proverbs 9:3; When it is observed who are and who are not to be reproved, with the reasons of it, Proverbs 9:7; and what is the sum and substance of true wisdom; and what the advantages of it both here and hereafter, Proverbs 9:10; And the chapter is concluded with the description of the foolish woman, the opposite of Wisdom; who is represented as clamorous, simple, and ignorant, Proverbs 9:13; and plying passengers that go by her door, and inviting them in to partake of her provisions, Proverbs 9:14; the consequence of which is sure and certain death and destruction to her guests, Proverbs 9:18.