Introduction to Exodus Chapter 26

In this chapter a description is given of the tabernacle itself, and first of its inward curtains, of their number, matter, length, and breadth, and the manner of coupling them together, Exodus 26:1, and then of the outward curtains of it, their number, matter, length, and breadth, and coupling, and how disposed of, Exodus 26:7, and next of the two coverings of the tabernacle, of rams' skins and badgers' skins, Exodus 22:14, the boards for the tabernacle are also described, with their tenons and sockets, Exodus 26:15 and the bars and rings for it, by which it was kept firm together,

Exodus 26:26, an account is given of the vail between the holy and the most holy place, Exodus 26:31, and of the hanging for the door of the tabernacle, Exodus 26:36.