Introduction to Exodus Chapter 21

In this, and the two following chapters, are delivered various laws and precepts, partly of a moral, and partly of a religious, but chiefly of a civil nature, respecting the commonwealth of Israel, and its political good. This chapter treats of servants, and laws relating to them; to menservants, how long they shall serve, and what is to be done to those who are desirous of staying with their masters after their time is up, Exodus 21:1, to maidservants, and especially betrothed ones, either to a father or a son, Exodus 21:7, likewise it contains laws concerning the slaughter of men, whether with design or unawares, Exodus 21:12, and concerning the ill usage of parents,

Exodus 21:15, and man stealing, Exodus 21:16 and of mischief that comes by men's quarrelling and fighting, Exodus 21:18 and by smiting a man or maidservant, Exodus 21:20, to a woman with child, that is, by means of men's striving and contending with each other, Exodus 21:22 and of damages that come by oxen, or to them, Exodus 21:28.