Introduction to Exodus Chapter 19

In this chapter we have an account of the coming of the children of Israel to Mount Sinai, Exodus 19:1, of the covenant made with them there, the proposal on the part of God, and their acceptance of it,

Exodus 19:3, the previous notice God gave three days before of his appearance on the mount, the orders for their preparation to meet him, and the execution of them, Exodus 19:9, the awful and tremendous appearance of God upon the mount, Exodus 19:6 and the strict charge given, that neither people nor priests should come near and gaze, only Moses and Aaron with him were to come up, bounds being set to prevent the rest, Exodus 19:21, and the chapter is closed with observing, that Moses went down from the mount, and delivered to the people what the Lord spoke to and by him, Exodus 19:25.