Introduction to 2 Chronicles Chapter 28

This chapter contains the reign of Ahaz, and gives an account of the idolatry he was guilty of, 2 Chronicles 28:1, what calamities came upon him and his people, being delivered up into the hands of the kings of Syria and Israel, who slew many, and carried others captives, 2 Chronicles 28:5, though they that were taken captive by Israel, at the admonition of a prophet, were sent back again, 2 Chronicles 28:9, how also he was distressed by the Edomites and Philistines, and not helped by the king of Assyria, he sent for and made presents to, 2 Chronicles 28:16 and yet went into more and greater idolatries, 2 Chronicles 28:22, and the chapter is concluded with his death and burial, 2 Chronicles 28:26.