Introduction to 1 Chronicles Chapter 2

This chapter begins with the twelve sons of Israel or Jacob, 1 Chronicles 2:1, then reckons the sons of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob, 1 Chronicles 2:3, then the posterity of Pharez and Zerah, sons of Judah, 1 Chronicles 2:5, next the sons of Hezron, a son of Pharez, 1 Chronicles 2:9, particularly the posterity of Ram, a son of Hezron, from whom sprung Jesse and his family, 1 Chronicles 2:10, then of Caleb: another son of Hezron, 1 Chronicles 2:18, and next of Jerahmeel, the firstborn of Hezron, 1 Chronicles 1:25 and particularly the posterity of Sheshan, a descendant of his, 1 Chronicles 1:34 and then other sons of Caleb, with their posterity, are reckoned, 1 Chronicles 1:42 and the chapter is closed with the families of the Scribes in Jabesh, the same with the Kenites, 1 Chronicles 2:55.