Introduction to 2 Kings Chapter 2

This chapter relates, how that Elisha accompanied Elijah to several places, and on the other side Jordan Elijah was taken up from him to heaven, which occasioned great lamentation in him, 2 Kings 2:1, but having the mantle of Elijah, he divided the waters of Jordan, and passed over, 2 Kings 2:13, and the sons of the prophets at Jericho, perceiving the spirit of Elijah on him, showed him great respect, and proposed sending men to seek his master, which they did in vain, 2 Kings 2:15, when he healed the waters at Jericho, at the request of the men of it, 2 Kings 2:19, and the chapter is concluded with the destruction of forty two children at Bethel by bears, who mocked him, 2 Kings 2:23.