Introduction to 1 Kings Chapter 8

This chapter gives an account of the introduction of the ark into the temple, 1 Kings 8:1 of the glory of the Lord filling it, 1 Kings 8:10 of a speech Solomon made to the people concerning the building of the temple, and how he came to be engaged in it, 1 Kings 8:12, of a prayer of his he put up on this occasion, requesting, that what supplications soever were made at any time, or on any account, by Israelites or strangers, might be accepted by the Lord, 1 Kings 8:22, and of his blessing the people of Israel at the close of it, with some useful exhortations, 1 Kings 8:54, and of the great number of sacrifices offered up by him, and the feast he made for the people, upon which he dismissed them, 1 Kings 8:62.