Introduction to 1 Kings Chapter 18

In this chapter Elijah has an order from the Lord to show himself to Ahab, who, going first, and meeting with a servant of his, Obadiah, charges him to tell his master where he was, that he might meet him, 1 Kings 18:1, and, upon meeting him, desires that all Israel, and the prophets of Baal, might be convened, which was accordingly done, 1 Kings 18:17, when he expostulated with the people of Israel for their idolatry, mocked and confounded the prophets of Baal, and gave the strongest proofs, to the conviction of the people, that Jehovah is the true God, 1 Kings 18:21, on which all the prophets of Baal were slain, 1 Kings 18:40, and rain in great abundance was given at the prayer of the prophet, 1 Kings 18:41.