Introduction to 2 Samuel Chapter 3

This chapter begins with the continuation of the war between the house of Saul and the house of David, 2 Samuel 3:1; and gives an account of the wives of David, and his sons by them, 2 Samuel 3:2; of a quarrel between Ishbosheth and Abner, 2 Samuel 3:6; and of Abner's proposal to make a league with David; but David would not see his face unless Michal his wife was returned to him, who was accordingly, 2 Samuel 3:12; and of the interest Abner made with the elders of Israel in favour of David, which he reported to him, and promised to make more, 2 Samuel 3:17; but Joab returning from a pursuit, and with great spoil, just as Abner departed, and hearing of it, chided David for letting him go, and privately sent for him back, and treacherously murdered him, 2 Samuel 3:22; from which murder David cleared himself and his kingdom, and for it made dreadful imprecations on Joab and his family, 2 Samuel 3:28; and buried Abner with great lamentation, expressing much concern for his death, and the high opinion he had of him, 2 Samuel 3:31.