Introduction to Genesis Chapter 7

This chapter begins with an order to Noah to come with his family and all the creatures into the ark, that they might be safe from the flood, which would quickly be upon the earth, Genesis 7:1 and then gives an account of Noah's obedience to the divine command in every particular, Genesis 7:5 and of the time of the beginning of the flood, and its prevalence, Genesis 7:10 then follows a repetition of Noah, his family, and the creatures entering into the ark, Genesis 7:13 and next a relation is given of the increase of the waters, and of the height they arrived unto, Genesis 7:17 and of the consequences of the flood, the death and destruction of every living creature, except those in the ark, fowl, cattle, beast, creeping things, and men, Genesis 7:21 and the chapter is closed with an account how long the waters continued before they began to ebb, even one hundred and fifty days, Genesis 7:24.