Introduction to Genesis Chapter 6

This chapter gives an account of the wickedness of the old world, both among the profane and the professors of religion, which was taken notice of and resented by God, upon which he determined the destruction of it, Genesis 6:1 only one man, Noah, is excepted, who found favour with God, and whose character is given, Genesis 6:8 and to whom was observed by God the general corruption of the earth, Genesis 6:11 and to whom he gave orders and directions for the building an ark for himself, and his family, being determined to destroy the earth with a flood, and all creatures in it, Genesis 6:14 only he would preserve him and his wife, his three sons and their wives, and two of every living creature, for which, and for himself and his family, he was to take food into the ark when built, Genesis 6:18 and the chapter is concluded with observing, that Noah did as he was commanded, Genesis 6:22.