Introduction to Genesis Chapter 29

This chapter informs us of Jacob's coming to a well near Haran, where meeting with some shepherds he inquires after Laban, Genesis 29:1; and there also with Rachel his daughter, the shepherds made known to him, and acquainted her who he was, Genesis 29:9; upon which she ran to her father, and told him who was at the well, who went forth and brought him to his house, and kindly entertained him, Genesis 29:13; with whom he agreed to stay and serve seven years for Rachel his daughter,

Genesis 29:15; at the end of which Jacob demands his wife, but instead of Rachel, Leah was brought to him as his wife, Genesis 29:21; which being discovered, and complained of, it was proposed he should have Rachel also, provided he would serve yet seven years more, to which he agreed, Genesis 29:26; and the chapter is concluded with an account of four sons being born to Jacob of Leah, Genesis 29:31.