Introduction to Genesis Chapter 28

In this chapter an account is given of the charge Isaac gave to Jacob not to marry a Canaanitess, but to go to Padanaram, and take a wife from his mother's family, and of his blessing him before he sent him away, Genesis 28:1; of the notice that Esau took of this blessing and charge, which led him to take a wife of the family of Ishmael,

Genesis 28:6; of the dream of the ladder, which Jacob had in his way to Haran, Genesis 28:10; of the blessing which God conferred upon him there, Genesis 28:13; of the awfulness of the place upon his awaking, and of his erecting a pillar in it, and giving a name to it,

Genesis 28:16; and of the vow he made to God, should he be supplied with the necessaries of life, and be kept in safety by him,

Genesis 28:20.