Introduction to Genesis Chapter 20

This chapter relates the removal of Abraham to Gerar, Genesis 20:1; the king of Gerar's taking to him Sarah, whom Abraham had called his sister, Genesis 20:2; who is rebuked of God for it in a dream,

Genesis 20:3; for which he makes an apology that is admitted, only he is ordered to restore to Abraham his wife, Genesis 20:4; and accordingly early in the morning he called his servants, and acquainted them with what had happened, Genesis 20:8; and then sent for Abraham, and expressed his resentment at his usage of him,

Genesis 20:9; which Abraham defended as well as he could,

Genesis 20:10; the issue of all which was, great kindness was shown to Abraham, and his wife restored to him, though with a reproof to her from the king, Genesis 20:14; upon which Abraham prayed for the healing of Abimelech and his family, in which he was heard and answered, Genesis 20:17.