Introduction to Genesis Chapter 15

This chapter informs us of a gracious appearance of God to Abram, and of a kind promise made unto him, Genesis 15:1; of Abram's request for an heir, Genesis 15:2; of an answer to it, that he should have one, and even a numberless seed, Genesis 15:4; which he gave credit to,

Genesis 15:6; upon which he has a fresh promise of the land of Canaan,

Genesis 15:7; of his inheriting of which he desires a sign, and this was given him, Genesis 15:8; and at the same time it was predicted to him how long his posterity should be afflicted in a land not theirs, and afterwards come out with great substance, Genesis 15:13; and the grant of the land of Canaan to his seed is renewed, Genesis 15:17.