Introduction to Genesis Chapter 1

This chapter contains an account of the creation of the universe, and all things in it; asserts the creation of the heaven and earth in general, and describes the state and condition of the earth in its first production, Genesis 1:1 and then proceeds to declare the work of each of the six days of creation, and to give an account of light, its separation from darkness and the names of both, the work of the first day, Genesis 1:3 of the firmament, its use and name, the work of the second day, Genesis 1:6 of the appearance of the earth, and the production of grass, herbs, and trees in the earth, the work of the third day, Genesis 1:9 of the sun, moon, and stars, their situation, and use, the work of the fourth day, Genesis 1:14 of the fowls of the air, and the fishes of the sea, the work of the fifth day, Genesis 1:19 of all kinds of cattle, and beasts, and creeping things, Genesis 1:24 and then of man, created male and female, after the image of God, having a grant of dominion over the rest of the creatures, the fruit of divine consultation, Genesis 1:26 and of a provision of food for man and beast, Genesis 1:29. And the chapter is concluded with a survey God took of all his works, and his approbation of them; all which were the work of the sixth day, and closes the account of the creation in that space of time, Genesis 1:31.