Deuteronomy 21:7

And they shall answer and say, Our hands have not shed this blood, neither have our eyes seen it.

And they shall answer and say,.... The elders of the city, at the time of the washing of their hands:

Our hands have not shed this blood; have been no ways concerned in it, nor accessory to it: the Targum of Jonathan is,

"it is manifest before the Lord that he did not come into our hands, nor did we dismiss him, that has shed this blood;''

which is more fully explained in the Misnah {y}; for had they been aware of him, or had any suspicion of him or his design, they would have detained him, or at least would not have suffered him to have departed alone:

neither have our eyes seen; it, or him; so the Targum of Jerusalem,

"our eyes have not seen him that hath shed this blood;''

by which expression is meant, that they had no manner of knowledge of the murderer, nor of any circumstance that could lead them to suspect or conclude who he was.

{y} Ut supra, (Sotah. c. 9.) sect. 6.