Leviticus 25:1

And the LORD spake unto Moses in mount Sinai, saying,

And the Lord spake unto Moses in Mount Sinai,.... Not when Moses was with the Lord on that mount forty days, but after he came down from thence, even after the tabernacle was set up, while the children of Israel where encamped about that mountain, and before they took their journey from thence; for they continued some time in the wilderness of Sinai, and here it was the Lord spoke to Moses; for the words may be rendered "by" or "near Mount Sinai" {g}; and so Josephus {h} says, the following laws were delivered to Moses, when Israel was encamped under Mount Sinai:

saying; as follows.

{g} rhb "apud seu juxta montem", Piscator; so Ainsworth, Patrick, &c.
{h} Antiqu. l. 3. c. 12. sect. 3.