Jeremiah 39:8

And the Chaldeans burned the king's house, and the houses of the people, with fire, and brake down the walls of Jerusalem.

And the Chaldeans burnt the king's house,.... His palace: this was a month after the city was taken, as appears from Jeremiah 52:12;

and the houses of the people, with fire; the houses of the common people, as distinct from the king's house, and the houses of the great men, Jeremiah 52:13; though Jarchi interprets of the synagogues. It is in the original text in the singular number, "the house of the people"; which Abarbinel understands of the temple, called, not the house of God, he having departed from it; but the house of the people, a den of thieves; according to Adrichomius {k}, there was a house in Jerusalem called "the house of the vulgar", or common people, where public feasts and sports were kept; but the former sense seems best:

and broke down the walls of Jerusalem; demolished all the fortifications of it, and entirely dismantled it, that it might be no more a city of force and strength, as it had been.

{k} Theatrum Terrae Sanct. p. 154.