Isaiah 33:22

For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; he will save us.

For the LORD is our Judge,.... The Lord Christ, who has all judgment committed to him by the Father, who will judge his people, right their wrongs, and avenge their injuries:

the LORD is our Lawgiver; who has enacted wholesome laws for his church, writes them on their hearts, and puts his Spirit within them, to enable them to keep them:

the LORD is our King: King of saints, King of Zion, made so by his Father, owned by his church, under whose government it is in safety:

he will save us; from all sin, and from all enemies, with an everlasting salvation. The church here speaks with great pleasure of her interest in Christ under every character, and of her safety as depending upon him. The Targum is,

"the LORD is our Judge, who brought us by his power out of Egypt; the LORD is our teacher, who gave us the doctrine of the law from Sinai; the LORD is our King, he will redeem us, and take vengeance of judgment for us on the army of Gog;''

which shows that the ancient Jews understood this prophecy as referring to times yet to come.