Psalm 59:8

But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.

But thou, O Lord, shall laugh at them,.... Disappoint their counsels, hinder them from performing their enterprise; send them back with shame and confusion, and expose them to the laughter and derision of others; as Saul's messengers were, when instead of David they found an image in the bed, with a pillow of goats' hair for its bolster,

1 Samuel 19:16; the same is said as here with respect to the enemies of Christ, Psalms 2:4;

thou shall have all the Heathen in derision: either David's enemies, who, though Israelites, yet acted like Heathens to him, as in Psalms 59:5; or the Gentiles that were gathered together against Christ, Psalms 2:1; or the antichristian states and powers, who will be triumphed over at the time of their ruin, Revelation 18:20; and even all the wicked at the last day, Proverbs 1:26.